Monday, August 10, 2009

Louis Vuitton Purse Cake

I got this cake order months ago from an online friend named Jyl :) I can't remember how we found each other, but now we know a lot about each other despite only having met a couple times now.

Jyl had a really fun 30th birthday party where all of the guests came dressed as celebrities and there was a red carpet and everything. She asked for a Louis Vuitton purse for this extravaganza.

The cake was 4 layers of lemon poppyseed cake filled with lemon cream cheese icing then frosted with buttercream and covered in white fondant.

The buckles and handles are all out of gum paste. Some are painted with gold pearl dust.

The pattern was painted on with get food coloring. The "zipper" was imprinted using my stitching wheel and then painted with gold pearl dust.

Buckle detail

This photo is from Jyl. It is the cake next to her knockoff LV purse. I had a great time making this cake and meeting Jyl!

I finally got a couple pictures of the Birthstone Wedding Cake that I had shipped off to Calgary unfinished. It looked fantastic with all of the flowers on it. Please see these pictures in the cake's blog post.

That's all for now folks! I'm taking some time off to focus on our basement renovations. I will let everyone know when I am ready to start taking orders again. Have a great summer (or what remains of it)!

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Amy said...

That is too awesome!