Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vacation/Renovation Break

I think I hinted at this in previous posts, but I thought I should officially say that I am taking a break from cakes for a bit.

Dale and I are going on vacation to Kelowna next week for a much needed break. So obviously that means no orders for that week :)

But as I mentioned in this post, our basement is under some MAJOR renovations due to a sewer backup. The basement has been demolished and we are just waiting for some things from our insurance company. When we get back from our vacation, we should know which contractor we will be using and will be able to discuss some changes that we want to make down there. We are hoping the contractor will be able to start very quickly after that.

Since the basement is already demolished, we have had to move a lot of stuff upstairs, and we've had to move a lot of stuff around to accommodate the basement stuff. So because of even less space then before AND the renovation MESS that I hope will start very shortly after we get back AND the stress that will be in my life because of these renovations, I am not going to take any new cake orders until I have a better idea when the basement will be finished.

So, I am terribly sorry to anyone who was hoping to get a cake from me in the next couple of months, but unless we have already discussed it, it probably won't happen. There are a couple of people that I have said I will make cakes for, and I will absolutely still do those! But no new orders probably until October. But I will post when I am ready to take orders again!

Thanks for your patience! Stay in touch!


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