Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stocking Cake

My in-laws requested a cake for Christmas day a long time ago so I had a lot of time to think up a design. Many ran through my head, but I am quite pleased with the one I ended up doing.

The cake is cookies n' cream with oreo center frosting and filling. Then I covered it in a light blue marshmallow fondant and piped on some snowflakes and a furry top. To finish it all off I "filled" the stocking with some cookies.

This cake turned out to be one of my favorite ones of the year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my readers!

I am taking a bit of a cakecation again as one of my best friends is coming to town and staying with me from January 5 - 11. I am not accepting any orders until after that week so I can make sure the house is clean beforehand and so I can spend as much time with him as possible while he is here. See you in the new year!

Christmas Baking

I took some time off from baking for other people at Christmas so I would have time to do some baking for my friends and family.

I made a LOT of cookies and packed them in tins for my co-workers and for family as well.

Dale's grandma's whipped shortbread recipe

Lots of 1" cutout sugar cookies covered in Christmas sprinkles

Lots of larger cutout sugar cookies with green buttercream and Christmas sprinkles

Cookies in their tins

Closeup of a cookie tin

Merry Christmas!

"Over the Hill" Cake

This cake was for the wife of a co-worker of mine's birthday. He requested an "over the hill" cake so I made it as cute as I could. The cake is an 8" 2 layer carrot cake with chocolate cream cheese icing and filling. There is an additional 6" diameter "hill" of carrot cake. The grass is green buttercream and the road is just some sprinkles. I found some cute dinosaur candles and used them on this cake as well.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

SIGA Bake Sale Cake

I made this cake to donate to the SIGA bake sale. My husband works there and he said it was one of the most popular items at the sale!

The cake with the logo in the background

The cake is a 2 layer deep dark chocolate cake (very moist!) with chocolate frosting. The logo is fondant.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shushybye Cake

I got an order for a "Shushybye cake", saw the website that the guy sent me and thought it would make a very cute and colorful cake.

The cake is a 3 layer 9" x 11" cookies n' cream cake with "Oreo Insides" icing (icing that tastes like the inside of an Oreo cookie). The cake is covered in blue marshmallow fondant and the figures are fondant cutouts. The hair and border are royal icing and the stars are large sprinkles.

Quicky Cake

Earlier this week I got a last minute panic order from a gentleman who had put off getting a cake for his wife's birthday. Since he didn't want anything incredibly fancy and only needed a small cake, I took the order for the next day.

This is a 2 layer 6" white cake with white buttercream icing and the piping is with some leftover chocolate ganache.

For the record, I usually need AT LEAST one week to two weeks notice to make a cake since I work full time at my office job during the day and I do enjoy having a social life on occasion as well. Thank you.