Wednesday, November 26, 2008

3 Cakes in One

This cake was for Dale's department's monthly birthday cake. It was 3 birthdays in one and Dale requested 3 different cakes put together as one.

Cake 1: Raspberry cake filled with cream cheese icing and raspberry jam. Decorated with daisies

Cake 2: Cookies n' Cream cake filled with "oreo cookie center" icing. Decorated with the Autobot Transformer logo.

Cake 3: A new chocolate cake recipe filled with chocolate ganache filling. Decorated with the Green Lantern logo.

The whole cake was placed together then iced with a vanilla buttercream icing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Comfy Cake II

For the 2nd time I've been asked to re-create a cake. You can see the building of the last Big Comfy Cake here. Since I had built the couch before, I won't bore you with additional pictures as I built it exactly the same. I did a couple of minor details differently though.

As you can see, the doilies on the couch are slightly different than last time. And to save on time I covered the cake board with foil this time instead of fondant. The dolls were also different. I made Loonette standing. I was going to make her holding Molly, but it didn't work out as planned. So Loonette is standing and Molly is sitting. And this time I took pictures of the construction of the dolls. My husband and several others found it slightly creepy...

Here are some completed pieces drying separately

Here is the completed Molly:

Here is the completed Loonette:

I love how this picture turned out!

Canucks Cake

I made this cake for my buddy Sven's birthday. He loves the Canucks and loves carrot cake. So this is a 3 layer, 8" round carrot cake with gobs of cream cheese icing. Even the logo and border are cream cheese icing

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Football Cake

Some friends of ours (Derek and Tracie) have a son (Isaac) with a birthday this week. His party is today so they asked for a football cake. So this is what I came up with.

Their other son Sam was the recipient of the "Super 6" cake featured earlier in this blog.

Harley Davidson Cake #2

For the first time I have re-created a cake. It was my father-in-law's birthday on Halloween and for the family get-together on Saturday, I made him the Harley cake since he loves Harleys.