Monday, April 20, 2009

Chocolatey Sunflower Cake

I got a request from a fellow blogger to do her birthday cake for this past weekend and I was happy to do it and to meet her!

The cake was my deep dark chocolate cake made with Hershey's cocoa. It was filled with semi-sweet chocolate ganache.

And also frosted with semi-sweet chocolate ganache. She said she like chocolate, so this was the chocolatiest cake I could think of!

She had seen some other sunflower cakes and cupcakes that I have done and she really liked them, so I put some Oreo sunflowers on her cake

Complete with cute little ladybugs

Click to see her photo and a bit of a review of the cake on her blog. Thanks Pam! It was nice to meet you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Church Cake II

Last week was my group's turn to do snacks after church again. My last cake went over so well that my mom asked me to make another for this week. I got a fantastic recipe from a client for white chocolate cake, so I thought that would make a yummy Easter cake. I baked 3 14" round layers of it. I didn't want icing that was too sweet, so I did a dark chocolate ganache icing and filling.

Filled, but not frosted:

Frosted and decorated with cute Easter-y sprinkles

The ganache was so yummy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bobcats Cake & Cupcakes

My hairdresser ordered a cake and cupcakes for his boy's hockey team's wrap up party. I was showing off some pictures of the Sabre's cake and cupcakes during my last appointment :)

I started off by cutting out a bunch of jersey shapes out of rolled out red fondant a few days before the cake was due to let them dry.

Then I piped the kid's names and jersey numbers on them and let that dry. Then when the chocolate cake and cupcakes were all iced with chocolate frosting, I put the jerseys and the team logo on the cake and cupcakes.

The logo was a little tricky because it was a little more intricate than the Sabres or the Canadians logos. So I got some food coloring markers and drew the logo onto a dried fondant shape. Usually I would cut each color out of fondant and stack it, but this was too intricate.

I hope you guys liked it!

By the way, Untangled is a fantastic salon and Dean is just the best :) I've been going to him for years and he always makes me look pretty and it's always a fun time! Check it out!

2 Miscellaneous Cakes

Over the past couple of weeks, I've made a couple of cakes, but haven't posted.

I re-created the infamous golf cake. The ball was a delicious white chocolate cake filled and frosted with white buttercream then covered with white fondant. The base was a little tricky because they didn't want chocolate and it's supposed to look like the ground. So the cake is white cake filled with coconut icing and iced with vanilla buttercream with lots of brown food coloring.

Then I had a quick cake to do for my mom's boyfriend's birthday. I made a 2 layer lemon cake iced and filled with lemon cream cheese icing. The decorations were some simple sugar flowers that I made ages ago with leftover fondant from another job and I just happened to have some matching blue royal icing already made so it worked out great!