Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big Comfy Cake

A co-worker of my father-in-law ordered a Big Comfy Couch cake for her niece, so that's what I've been working on this week!

I started off by baking 1 10" white cake for the back of the couch, 1 8" white cake for the arms of the couch, and 1 9"x13" chocolate cake for the base and cushions.

Then I covered a board with fondant icing for the cake to sit on.

Then I arranged the couch so I knew where all the pieces would go.

Then I iced and fondanted all of the pieces of the couch.

After all the fondanting, I made a couple other finishing touches such as the doilies and the pillows (both out of fondant)

Once the couch was done, I started on the figures of the dolls. I used gum paste for them (and some royal icing for the hair) and they worked out pretty well!

Tina just picked up the cake about an hour ago. I hope she likes it!


Angie said...

That is AWESOME! If I ever need a comfy couch cake made, you better believe I am coming to you :)

Anonymous said...

hello there - I must say this must be the cutest cake i have ever seen... i am actually interested in getting one for my daughter but can not find anyone that can do it. What are the possibilities of u doing it for me by this Sunday? Im in NY... (im asking for too much arent I?!)

Megan said...

Hi shukasmom, Thank you so much for the compliments, however, I wouldn't be able to do it for 2 reasons. 1: I'm not taking any more orders for December and since I work full time, one week is just too short notice for me. 2: I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada so I'm nowhere near NY! Good luch in your search!