Thursday, August 28, 2008


This week I had 2 cakes to make. The first one was for my husband's department's monthly birthday party. Dale always comes up with strange cakes for me to do. So he asked for a router cake with some network cable on it. With a Cisco logo on one side and Curious George and a Kronos logo on the other side. It made sense to them I guess.

The cake itself was my deep dark chocolate cake, and the icing and filling was a dark chocolate buttercream. All of the decorations were out of fondant.

I will admit I wasn't a huge fan of this cake. I think the only part I really liked was the network cable. The color came out perfectly and I had the brilliant idea of "plugging in" one end to the back of the cake like you would to a router.

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Angie said...

My husband was very impressed with your edible network cable :)