Sunday, May 3, 2009

Skateboard Ramp Cake

This week was our nephew Ryan's 13th birthday! His mom pretty much gave us free reign over the design. She had suggested a cake in the shape of a 13, but I couldn't think of anything really cool to put on a 13 shaped cake, so I came up with this:

The cake is 2 layers of white chocolate cake plus 2 extra layers on the sides to build up the ramp. The cake is filled with white chocolate icing, then iced with buttercream icing. The brown on the ramp is ganache. I sculpted Ryan out of fondant. The skateboards are a couple of Ryan's Tech Decks.

I gave Ryan the "Field smirk" as my husband calls it.

I did a bunch of graffiti on the cake because at one point Ryan wanted to be a graffiti artist when he grew up. So I figured he would like a bit of graffiti. "Feel the rue" has become a bit of a Field inside joke, so I added it.

Happy 13th birthday Ryan!!!

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Megan said...

Ryan told me he ate the head