Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My husband's workplace ordered 100 Halloween themed cupcakes for today. So I made some white cupcakes (dyed orange) and some chocolate cupcakes. Then I decorated them to look like pumpkins (thanks to Hello Cupcake for the idea!), Jack o' lanterns, spiders on spiderwebs and ghosts.

Pumpkins: Orange buttercream with orange royal icing stripes and a green licorice stem.

Jack o' lanterns: same as pumpkins, but with black buttercream faces

Spiders/spiderwebs: All buttercream piped on chocolate buttercream

Ghosts: Started with chocolate buttercream, topped with a large marshmallow, then draped with a disc of white marshmallow fondant. Faces in black buttercream.

This guy was my favorite Jack o' lantern!


Dawna Drake said...

The ghosts are my favorite even though I'm sure the fondant dries out and tastes bad

Megan said...

The fondant dries out a bit, but tastes like really sweet marshmallows! Doesn't taste bad!