Monday, June 15, 2009

Piano Inspired Cake

This cake is one of my favorite cakes that I have made! It was for a milestone birthday for a friend who is an awesome keyboardist and singer.

It started off as 2 tiers of 3 layers each of white chocolate cake. It was filled with milk chocolate ganache, then iced in buttercream. The top 8" tier was covered in black fondant and the bottom 12" tier covered in white

Then I cut some keyboard keys out of white fondant and stuck them on with piping gel.

At this point I was scared of how it would turn out because it looked kind of silly

But then with the black keys it started to look great!

Around the bottom tier, I piped the music to Happy Birthday out of black royal icing.

One musician at the party even recognized it!

The cake was starting to look great. Then I added the flowers and it went from great to fantastic! It was my first time working with real flowers on a cake and it definitely won't be my last! The pretty orange and yellow colors of these flowers totally suited the occasion!

Yes, definitely one of my favorite cakes! It turned out classy and fun and everyone loved the look and taste of it!

We had a great time at the party! Happy Birthday Dickson!

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Galadriel said...

I thought I'd say how impressed I am with all your efforts, especially this one. Keep up the good work.