Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tim Hortons Coffee Cup Cake

A client of mine asked for a Tim Hortons themed cake for his wife since she ordered him a golf ball cake for his birthday. He asked for a Tim Hortons cup and an eclair with eclair filling. He also requested a gum paste figure of his wife for something extra special.

The cup cake is 4 layers of 6" round devils food chocolate cake carved to the shape of the cup. It was filled with swiss meringue buttercream then iced in buttercream and covered in white fondant. I hand painted the logo and the reddish brown colour with gel food colouring. The lid and the figure are both gum paste.

The "eclair" was made out of white cake, filled with eclair pastry filling and topped with melted ganache. The cake was left un-iced to look more like an eclair.

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